By the Grace of Allah (swt), the Islamic School of Upper Westchester (ISUW) was established in 1994 to meet the needs of the Muslim community in upper Westchester. It began with a handful of students who were taught by four dedicated teachers, and currently encompasses a community of over 50 families.

       To receive Allah (swt's) Rahma (Mercy) in our lives, we need to reflect it in our dealings with others. Therefore, the philosophy of our school is to impart this invaluable knowledge in a caring and loving environment where children can feel and sense the Love of their Creator, and thus develop the desire to please Him.

       Lessons are taught in an age-appropriate manner with educational tools to enhance the students' knowledge and to make learning more pleasurable. Much importance is given to the implementation of our faith in everyday life by emphasizing salat (prayer), adab (manners), and by trying to develop an understanding of the purpose of life.

       InshAllah, together we will help our children develop a strong desire to live according to the guidance of the Holy Qur'an so that we may gain peace in this life and success in the Hereafter.


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